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Daily Life at Agecroft

What would your day be like if you lived at Agecroft Hall in the 1600s? Today we will be taking a look at the regular activities that would have occurred at the manor.  We know what life was like on a manor house based on records from Agecroft and similar estates.  Using a variety of sources, we will piece together daily life at Agecroft. 

When we talk about Agecroft during this time, we are looking at a working farm as well as a family home.  We know there were a variety of people who lived and worked at Agecroft from the records we have from the estate.  How you spent your day at Agecroft depended on who you were.  The Dauntesey family, who owned Agecroft in the 1600s, would have employed a variety of servants.  The majority of the servants would have worked in the fields with the livestock and the crops.  Other servants would have worked inside of the house, serving the family and assisting them in running the farm.  Tenant farmers-families that rented land from the Daunteseys- were also in the manor houses world. We will take a look at how all of these people worked together at Agecroft. 

As much as we would like to, we can’t cover everything that would have happened during a day at Agecroft.  The daily activities would vary depending on the season, and possibly because of outside forces.  But we are hoping to show a variety of the chores and interactions to give you a taste of life on the manor.

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