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Day Three: Activities


A Rose for the Tudors:

The family name of the rulers in England from 1485-1603 was “Tudor”, which is how the period got its name. The Tudors needed a symbol of their reign, so King Henry VII chose the Tudor Rose – a combination of the white rose which symbolized the House of York (who were no longer rulers) with the red rose of the House of Lancaster (the current rulers).  The Tudors used this symbol to show that the Lancasters were in charge- there is more red than white- and to symbolize peace in the country. Create your own Tudor Rose with this pattern.

Fold a Flower:

Lavender is an herb with many uses. Its long spiny leaves and purple color are lovely to look at, and it used for making things smell nice – homes, clothing, and perfume. Lavender is also used to help with relaxation. Someone in your home may have a lavender face mask or neck wrap they use when they have a headache. It was also used 500 years ago to ease tension and anxiety! Here you can create your own stalk of lavender. Your lavender pencil can be used for writing in your camp journal!

Get Ready for Planting:

We want to give you a chance to plant your own lovely fragrance garden. A “seed bomb” is a ball of biodegradable (goes back into the earth) paper filled with seeds that you can bury in the soil in your yard or a flower pot. When the seeds grow, you can enjoy their beautiful colors and scents!

Sweet-Smelling Paint:

Who knew paint could smell nice? Now is your chance to create your own sweet-smelling art supplies! Just follow the recipe and you can treat your friends and family to a fun surprise after you finish painting your masterpiece!

Take it Outside:

Take a nature walk and “stop and smell the roses.”  Find interesting plants and flowers to look at and sniff. See how many colors you can find in one flower. Are there different colors? Are there lighter and darker shades of the same color? Then take a sniff. Can you describe what you smell? What does the smell remind you of? Some words you might use are:  floral, fruity, citrusy, mossy, woody, spicy, minty. Make notes in your journal and try to sketch a picture of one or more of the plants you smell. You can even take a photo!

Family Activity-Create Your Own Family Scent!

You can create your own signature perfume! Use a simple “distilling” process to create the perfect scent. Do not forget to give it a name!

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