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Books for Kids:  Tudor and Stuart England


Who Was Queen Elizabeth? 
Paperback – July 3, 2008 – free Ebook

by June Eding   :  Ages 8-12


Our bestselling series is fit for a queen!

The life of Queen Elizabeth I was dramatic and dangerous: cast out of her father?s court at the age of three and imprisoned at nineteen, Elizabeth was crowned queen in 1558, when she was only twenty-five. A tough, intelligent woman who spoke five languages, Elizabeth ruled for over forty years and led England through one of its most prosperous periods in history. Over 80 illustrations bring Gloriana and her court to life.



Ladybird Histories: Tudors and Stuarts 
Paperback – August 27, 2013 - $  Ebook

by Ladybird  :  Ages 7-9


This Ladybird Histories book about the Tudors and Stuarts is perfect for children learning about this period of history at school. It includes famous kings and queens, how the Tudors and Stuarts lived, and why the Great Fire of London destroyed so much of the city in 1666. It's packed full of interesting and entertaining details that will delight all readers—from lifestyles, battles, and important people to the influence the past has played on the world around us today—and has everything you need to know about Tudors and Stuarts for school homework!


Tudor (DK Eyewitness) 
Paperback – March 2, 2015 - $8.05

by DK    :   Ages 8-12


It's time for the Tudors! This turbulent period in history is known for beheadings, burnings, and bloodshed. Expect no holds barred in this comprehensive reference title for children from the best-selling DK Eyewitness series.

Tudor England was lifted by trade and exploration, but blighted by treachery and rebellion. Experience the historic highs and the lows firsthand with Eyewitness Tudor. Hold court with Henry VIII and his long-suffering wives before making merry with high society enjoying their feasts and fashion. Walk among the ordinary folk, including market traders and street entertainers, and decide whether you would have liked growing up in Tudor times. If you want a project pick-me-up to assist with school studies or simply a fantastic read about our colourful past, look no further.

This updated edition is more informative and interactive than ever before, thanks to new infographics, statistics, facts, and timelines. The giant fold-out wall chart presenting Tudor times will be a welcome addition to any bedroom or classroom wall.


Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories)
Free Audible with trial

by Terry Deary and Neil Tonge :  Ages 8-12

An interactive history book focused on the Tudors with fun illustrations and memorable discussions of England's rulers.



Terrifying Tudors

by Terry Deary :  Ages 8-12


A new series of Horrible Histories sticker activity books, crammed with quick quizzes, foul facts and putrid pictures, the Horrible Histories Sticker Activity Book: Terrifying Tudors covers all things horrible in Tudor Britain. With over 200 savage stickers, explore the Tudor family's rotten reign. Shudder at the mad monarchs, dress up Rattus with the garish garments and keep fit with Tudor football. Be careful to keep on the right side of Henry VIII though, or you might end up on the chopping block!


World of Shakespeare (IR)
Paperback $11.99

Publisher: Usborne  :  Ages  9+


Shakespeare's world was full of danger, excitement and change. Elizabethan London was filthy, crowded, crime-ridden, hazardous, thrilling and inspiring. But the theaters, situated in the scruffier parts of town, provided popular places of entertainment. Shakespeare's plays tell tales of love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge, corruption, family, feuds, ghosts, witches, and murder. Discover how Shakespeare lived, and why, hundreds of years later, his works are still being performed, interpreted and adapted all over the world.


Where's Will?

Publisher: Kane Miller  Ages 5+


Spot William Shakespeare and a selection of his colorful characters from 10 of his best-loved plays! Includes illustrated synopses and search-and-find spreads.