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Harvests & Haunts

The cooling temperatures and the falling leaves let us know that Fall is here.  Today we often think about the Fall as a time for going back to school and getting pumpkins.  But in 1600s England, Fall was a busy time of year.  Most people still lived and worked on farms, and this was the time of year when the crops would be harvested.  Everyone was expected to work, because you needed to get the crops in before winter.  For manors like Agecroft Hall, crops were harvested to feed the family, servants, and livestock on the farm.   


We’ll discuss the different types of crops that would be harvested and what they might be used for. Familiar Fall favorites like apples will make an appearance! We’ll also look at the work that need to get done before winter. And finally, we’ll learn about scarecrows and the folklore that goes with them.   


Fall wasn’t just a time for work.  Because everyone was working long hours, it was the perfect time to share stories and songs.  The songs often reflected the harvest work, and are a great way to peek into the past. As you might guess, the stories were often spooky. And though Halloween was not a holiday celebrated in England at this time, we will take a look at All Hallow’s and traditions around the British Isles that shaped the modern holiday.

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