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Let Spring Begin

After a long, cold winter, the people at Agecroft Hall would be looking forward to Spring! The inhabitants of Agecroft in Tudor England would begin their spring chores. And the gardens of Agecroft in Virginia come to life as the weather warms.   In this virtual event, we’ll take a look at the spring calendar and how it affected the manor of Agecroft in the past, and what spring looks like in Agecroft’s gardens today. 

The warming weather brought a different routine to the manor. Planting for the crops would begin. The animals on the farm would be able to graze on grass in the fields.  And the manor house could be aired out and thoroughly cleaned. This was a critical time, because Agecroft at this time was a working farm.  The crops and animal products that would be sold later on were started in the spring.  


At Agecroft Hall today, the museum has recreated a variety of English gardens in Virginia.  The design of the gardens has its own interesting history, and we’ll take a look at the gardens that they were modeled after.  We’ll also talk about Charles Gillette, the landscape architect who designed these lovely spaces. 

Finally, we’ll look at important spring dates on the calendar.  Spring is a busy time for celebrations! From the austerity of Lent to the joy of Beltane, the inhabitants of Agecroft would have had a variety of activities this time of year.  These holidays were also a time when business and legal items were settled. 

Join us for a look at spring!

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