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Activity #3: Edible Paint

In Tudor England, wealthy people cooked with a lot of sugar. They loved sweets. One sweet they loved was an almond paste called “marchpane”. Today we call it marzipan. This paste could be molded into beautiful shapes and designs to create wonderful edible decorations. In Tudor England, these ranged from simple heart shapes to constructions as complex as fruit shapes and even miniature churches! This was certainly edible art!

Let’s continue our garden tasting fun and make sweet paint that you can create with and taste! It is super easy to make and is pretty and yummy for a painting party. Make some paint and invite friends over to create with you! *Remember: DO NOT eat real paint – only the paint from this recipe.

Gather your supplies for Day 2, Activity #3. You will need yogurt from the store. You will need at least 1 cup of plain or vanilla. You will also need a spoon and some fresh fruit.


  1. Place ½-teaspoon Jell-O powder into a bowl of yogurt (about ½ cup). Mix with spoon.

  2. Repeat with the other flavor of Jell-O powder and another bit of yogurt.

  3. Place each bowl of paint on a separate plate. Add pieces of fruit of the same flavors and/or colors to each plate.

  4. Taste your paint BEFORE you begin painting! Make sure you have enough left to paint with!!

  5. Get painting! You can use your fingers, a CLEAN paintbrush, a spoon, or any other CLEAN objects you can think of.

  6. Now you can eat your fruit!

*Send us pictures of your paint and let us know how it tastes!

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