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Decorations at Agecroft

The Williams Library at Christmas

Agecroft Hall was built in Richmond with the intention of it becoming a museum. When Mrs. Bessie Williams Morton was ‘done’ with it, the house was to become a historic house museum, dedicated to 16th and 17th century English history—portraying life in the house when it stood in Lancashire, England. She did ask, though, that one room remain as it was used when she lived here—the Williams Library.

If you’ve visited us during the Christmas season in past years, you’ll recall the Williams Library being grandly decorated for the holiday. This year, in a bid to the current global pandemic and its effects on holiday

gatherings, the Williams Library is outfitted for a smaller Christmas celebration. A small dinner for two waits in front of the fireplace, next to the gorgeously decorated Christmas tree. Dinner and desserts wait on the large library table and, in the corner by the Willard clock, an after-dinner tea sits.





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