The Court Will Come To Order
A Virtual Event On Law

Oyez, Oyez! Join us as we look at the legal system that the people at Agecroft Hall would have encountered.  The English court system has many similarities to the one we are familiar with in the US. But there are some important differences.  Changes in the Early Modern period in England were affecting the old system of laws.   

We’ll look at many aspects of the legal system during the Tudor and Stuart era.  The first section will cover the basics of the courts. Different tiers of courts took on different crimes. The court that you were called to was based on the type of crime you committed or witnessed, as well as your location and social status.  Once we discuss the different types of courts, we will then study some of the more famous cases that took place during this time.  What do these cases tell us about the political and cultural climate of the time? And finally, we will take a look at the courts and the cases around Agecroft Hall.  As an important manor, Agecroft would have hosted trials, and the staff may have even participated in the proceedings. Lancashire was also the center of one of England’s biggest witch trials, which we will also explore. 

We have broken up the event into three different sections that open at 10:00am, 12:00pm, and 2:00pm.  Although the sections “open” at different times, you are welcome to navigate through the event and look at whatever you like.  Think of it as a virtual open house! Feel free to leave comments or pictures, or ask us questions. 

Join us to explore the trials of Tudor England!