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Guess My Trade

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The following photos show real people reenacting Tudor trades and crafts. See if you can match the photos with the names and descriptions of each trade.

All photos courtesy of Tudor Monestary Farm

  1. I sharpen knives and other metal tools on my whetstone, or grindstone. I am a knife grinder.

  2. I cut and sell pieces of meat. I am a butcher.

  3. I take spun fibers like wool and flax (for linen) and color them with special plants. I am a dyer.

  4. I make clothes for customers on special order (bespoke). I am a tailor.

  5. I shape metal tools and instruments from hot iron. I am a blacksmith.

  6. I use leather from animals to make gloves and bags. I am a leatherworker.





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