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Two Gentlewoman Discuss a Trip to the Market

Let’s take a look at some of the conversations that might have occurred at Agecroft Hall about going to the market. Sadly, we haven’t found any diaries or letters from the Daunteseys at the time. But based on The King’s English: 17th Century Words and Phrases, we can imagine the discussions that might have been had before a trip into town.

In one conversation, two ladies are talking about getting cloth and notions for a new dress. Mistress Dauntesey and her sister Ann may have had a chat like this.

“Whither away?”

“To the village to us some stuff for a new gown”

“Prithee, wouldst thou buy a bolt of wool stuff for me also...”

“Marry, what colour dost thou require?”

“Perhaps a tawny colour, or gold. I will leave it to your good sense.”

“Dost thou need ribbons also?“

This conversation, although simple, gives us a picture of some of the items that gentry women like Mistress Dauntesey may have put on their lists when they went to the market. In another conversation post, we’ll see how this trip plays out.

Image Courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library

Source: Liz Smith, editor- The King’s English: Century 17th Words and Phrases.





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