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Market Goods at Agecroft Hall

Building on the other post referencing William Dauntesey's inventory, what items do we find on the probate that would have been purchased at market? As landed gentry, the Daunteseys likely would have been frugal, but their social position required some conspicuous consumption.

We see listed “one clocke and one Bell” which would have been displayed prominently, especially the clock. At Agecroft Hall museum, we have a lantern clock in the Great Parlor, which is where the family would have entertained. Our Great Parlor also has books, and the probate lists “books and other things in his studye.” The gentleman’s chamber at Agecroft Hall museum recreates where the Master would have stored prized possessions like expensive books.

The probate lists other household items that would have been important for impressing guests. We see “silver plate and spoons” and “one cupboard’ which dinner guests would have seen. Even the “three peare of bedstocks and bedding in the [family] chamber” and “beddys and bedding and trunks and other things in the parlor” would have likely been elaborate and showed off to visitors. And finally, the probate lists “two fowling peecs” and “one musket pike and armor”. These items highlight Master Dauntesey’s important role in defending his manor and the surrounding community. All of these items would have had to be purchased at the market.

What other items might the other members of the household want to purchase at market?

Source: Agecroft Hall records- inventory of William Dauntesey.





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