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Agecroft Goods at the Market

We’ve discussed the markets near Agecroft. Now let’s discuss some of the products that the Daunteseys might have taken to their markets, and the items that they maybe have needed to purchase. We’ll dig into a primary document from Agecorft Hall: the probate inventory of William Dauntesey.

Agecroft Manor was a working farm. So the items that they would have sold would have come from the land. The major “crop” at Agecroft was wool. This wool could be sold locally and international. The probate lists “fiftie foure sheep” valued at ten shillings sixteen which would have produced that wool. Wool is also listed on the probate, but since it is listed as “woollen yarne at weaving and wooll at spinninge”, this wool may have been for clothing items that were made for the household. On the other hand, it might have been used to make items like mittens or stockings that then could be sold for cash at the market. There are other finished goods on the probate that could also have been used either at Agecorft, or could have been surplus items that could be taken to market. For example, we have “butter cheese and boards in the Dey house” and “beefe and bacon”. Also the “wheate and Rye in the Corne Chamber” could be sold at market if the Daunteseys had a surplus.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Can you think of any other items that the Daunteseys might have taken to market?

Source: Agecroft Hall records- inventory of William Dauntesey.





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