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Agecroft Hall has a very long history. There’s been some version of the hall standing since approximately 1500. While we know about the families that called the hall home, we’d like to know more about the other people at Agecroft Hall—those who worked there.

Chances are not great that we will ever discover much about the servants or tenants at Agecroft Hall in England, but we are hopeful we can discover the identities and learn more about the lives of the people who helped to build Agecroft Hall on the banks of the James River in Richmond and those who served the Williams and Morton families.

Through our summer Shakespeare Festival, we were lucky enough to meet the great, great-granddaughter of Walter Lawson, a stone mason who helped to rebuild Agecroft. She was even able to provide a photograph which includes many other craftspeople. The photograph is shown below.

This is where you come in! Do you have any stories in your family about an ancestor who may have worked at Agecroft? Did a family member come visit the house before it became a museum? We are looking for any and all stories of people who many have interacted with the house before it became a museum in 1969. If you care to share, please reach out to Libby Howlett, Curator of Collections, by email at

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