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Garden Adventures VIRTUAL Summer Camp

August 17th through 19th
Ages 6-11

$50/child (includes supply box)

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Join us as we explore nature in our backyard and yours!  Our adventures will take us through Agecroft’s gardens to discover the natural world in Richmond in 2021 and in England 500 years ago!  See how the Tudors relied on the plants and animals in their yards in the 1500s and how we do today!

As an explorer, your daily missions will include art projects, science experiments, and treks through your own neighborhood.   You will travel with us back in time as we take you through our historic English gardens and also discover the natural world where you live!   We will visit the homes of pollinators at Agecroft, learn how nature can help us with cooking and health, and learn how plants can make things - and people - smell better.

After registering, please email Jill Pesesky at to make arrangements to get your backpack and supplies before camp. She will get back to you during business hours.

Summer Camp Online Portal for Registered Students

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