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Christmas Crackers

Victorian Christmas Crackers

You may be familiar with the tradition of “popping” Christmas crackers during the holidays. These paper-wrapped cylinders come in all sizes and are created with festively decorated papers and embellishments. They look beautiful under a tree and are wonderful for sharing with friends and family – especially children.

This tradition began in England in the mid-1800's. British confectioner, Tom Smith, was inspired by a trip to Paris and the way bon bons (sugared almonds) were wrapped in twists of paper. Smith created his cracker to be filled with sweets. By the late Victorian period, the cracker contained the small gifts and paper hats we are familiar with today.

Make a Christmas Cracker

1. Cut a paper towel tube in half. (* You can also bend a piece of cardstock into a tube.)

2. Cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to completely wrap around the tube and have 3-4 inches extra on each end.

3. Select some small trinkets and candy and place them in the tube.

4. Wrap the paper around the tube and tape it.

5. Pinch the ends with your fingers, being careful to not rip the paper.

6. Wrap ribbon or twine around each end.





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