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Handmade Christmas Cards: Foil Tree, Bauble & Star

Sending Christmas cards to loved ones is a tradition that continued in the 1920's. Mailing cards and packages sent loving holiday wishes both domestically and abroad. The 20's also saw a revived popularity in making cards by hand. These cards were often cut into unique shapes and were created with foil and ribbon. These hand created greetings were by nature more fragile than their store-bought counterparts and so were handed out in person and usually accompanied a gift of cookies or food.

Foil Christmas Tree Card

You will need: Different colored card stock

Colored tissue paper

Tin Foil

PVA Glue and paintbrush

Decorations: e.g. sequins, coloured foil, sweetie wrappers, beads…… 1. Cut a large piece of foil and spread with PVA glue on the shiny side. Help your child to rip pieces of different coloured tissue paper and glue down onto the foil. Add other decorations too with plenty of glue.

2. Once dry, draw a simple Christmas tree on the undecorated side of foil, cut this out and cut into strips. Glue onto the piece of folded card stock leaving green tabs between each strip.

These bauble and star homemade Christmas cards are made in the same way as

the foil tree, but we used glitter glue for the hanging thread on the baubles.





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