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Activity #1: Pollinator Seek and Find

Day 1, Activity #1: Pollinator Seek and Find

Summer brings warm weather, flowers, bees and butterflies. Today is all about pollinators and pollination! Let’s start the day off with a few quick questions. You may need to go back to today’s morning video for the answers, and that’s okay! Record your answers in your field notebook.

1. What is a pollinator?

2. Why do we need pollinators?

3. Can you name any other pollinators besides the ones pictured?

4. Have you ever seen a bee with pollen on its legs? *Bees make honey by chewing the pollen and mixing it with their saliva!

For Day 1, Activity #1 head out to your backyard or neighborhood park for some exploration! You will need your pollinator seek and find worksheet and your pencil. See how many of these pollinators you can find. Check them off your sheet as you find them, and record any observations in your field notebook. This is a great activity to do with your family or with a group of friends.

Here is a great website to check out if you want to learn more about helping bees!





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