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Response to our August “Call for Help!”

We are so lucky to have had a great response to our August Ask the Past (which you can read here)

We are fortunate to have a family member currently serving on our board. Mrs. Katherine Martin has generously let us look through family scrapbooks and photos. One of the greatest finds in these scrapbooks has been a copy of the prayer given at the laying of the Agecroft Hall cornerstone in 1926. Below are some of the articles and photos found in one of the scrapbooks.

In addition, we have received a very kind donation of newspaper articles, Christmas cards, books, and other ephemera relating to Agecroft Hall from Mr. Shep Parsons, the grandson of James M. Brown and Mary A. Brown who used to work at Agecroft Hall when Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Morton was in residence. Please look through the photos below to see what great things we’ve now got in our collection!

We look forward to researching more into the people who worked at Agecroft Hall last century, starting with the Browns. Please contact our curator, Libby Howlett, at if you have any Agecroft related artifacts to lend or donate.





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