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Seek and Find in a Tudor Market Town

The two pictures on this page show a lot of activity! The first drawing shows a cut-away of the interior of a market house with a shop below and living quarters above. The second shows a Tudor market town in full swing. Under each picture there is a list of activities and items to look for in the scene. See how many items on the lists you can find! The second picture is a more difficult challenge! You may have to zoom in a bit.

Let’s take a peek inside the shoemaker’s house. His workshop and sales counter are on the ground floor. He and his family live on the floors above. His wife is cleaning house while the children are up to mischief! See if you can spot the following activities and items:

  • Wooden blanket chest

  • Boy tipping stool over

  • Shoemaker's sign

  • Piece of leather hide

  • Yellow shoe

  • Woman with feather in her hat

  • Leaded glass window

What else do you see?

Courtesy of Leo Hartas Art and Illustration.

Now it’s your turn to walk through a market town. Watch out for mud and pickpockets! As you travel through town, see if you can spot the following items and people:

  • “Slops” being thrown from window

  • 2 men leaving an ale house

  • Goose flapping its wings

  • Beggar at a door

  • Milkmaid with buckets of milk

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Juggler

  • Dog stealing bread

  • Man with an injured leg

  • Man hawking carrots

  • William Shakespeare writing a play

  • Two men carrying a pig

  • A man dropping his pies

  • Walking boards set over the mud

  • Dog with a bone

  • Tightrope walker

  • Child stealing money from a purse

  • Boy sitting in a cart

What else do you see?





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