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Christmas Then & Now

Happy Yuletides! In this set of posts, we will be taking a look back through time to see how the people living at Agecroft Hall celebrated the Christmas holiday.  Because Agecroft was a residence both in England and America, we’ve got a wide variety of traditions to see! 

We will start early in Agecroft’s history, in the 17th century.   Some of these traditions date to the Middle Ages! The Yuletides season was extensive in the early part of the century, but huge changes came after the English Civil War.  We’ll then move to the 19th century and the reign of Queen Victoria.  This was a time in England when there was renewed interest in old English traditions, and Christmas traditions got a boost from the publication of A Christmas Carol It’s also when Agecroft Hall underwent a renovation to return it to its Tudor glory.  And finally, we will follow Agecroft from Lancashire to Virginia and see how the Williams and the Mortons would have entertained during the holiday seasons of the early 20th century. 

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