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Jan 22, 2022
In Tudor Home Arts
Hopefully you’ve had some fun recreating some Tudor recipes! We know that The Tudor royal family loved exotic and playful food. As a gentry family, the Duanteseys would not have the same elaborate presentation that was seen at the King or Queen’s court, but they would have done their best to impress their guests. Meat was an expensive food item during this time. Because of this, it was often the centerpiece of the dinner table. The royal family might dine on peacock- which was cooked and then stuff back into the feather to create a dramatic sight. The Daunteseys likely would have served roast beef, roasted doves, or a boar’s head. The boar’s head was often decorated, with the tusks being painted gold and cherries would replace the eyes. Tudor feasters also loved sugar! Pastry chefs would work to create elaborate and beautiful desserts. Sugar was often shaped to look like other objects. Wine glasses were made of sugar and filled with wine, and then the “glasses” could be eaten. Plates were also be made of sugar, and could have poems, song lyrics, and literature quotes painted on them. After the dessert was eaten off the plate, guest would go around and perform whatever was on their plate. Then they would eat the plate! The picture below shows recreated sugar playing cards, another popular design. Pies also came in a variety of designs and flavors. Come and see us at Agecroft Hall, where you can see lovely recreations of Tudor era desserts.
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